WSOP preparation

WSOP Prep: Building Mental Endurance This year’s World Series of Poker will be my sixth as a mental game coach for poker players. Prior to poker I worked with high … Continue Reading →

Short stack revolution

What is shortstacking? By now I assume that most people are aware that it is buying in for the table minimum in order to get an advantage on the bigger … Continue Reading →

Three cards are enough

How many cards do you need to play a challenging game of poker? 52? 30? Actually, just three will do. Let’s take an Ace, a King and a Queen from … Continue Reading →

Physical bankroll management

  • By Doug Hull
  • May 8, 2014
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The truth is winning poker players end up with a high quality problem: lots of cash on hand.  This can cause a security concern. Just google: “Poker money cab” “Poker … Continue Reading →