Poker newspaper advertising is very cost effective. Newspaper advertisements can not be skipped, nor are they placed on a page facing only another advertisement. Freeroll publishes strategy worth reading. The authors of Freeroll are best selling authors like Ed Miller, Doug Hull, James Sweeney, Jared Tendler, Andrew Seidman and more. These are proven authors that draw readers in.

Freeroll’s form factor is small enough to comfortably read at the poker table. The fonts are big enough to easily be read in the lighting of a card room. Freeroll is small enough to easily put in a pocket to read at home later.

Along with the distribution in cardrooms, Freeroll goes out electronically to over 8000 people from the mailing lists of the various authors. The open rate for these mailing is over 50%, well above industry averages. When read electronically, your ads will link directly to your site. or 504.904.9626

spec-rate sheet

Spec/Rate Sheet

Distribution Map

Distribution Map

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