Ten Skills To $5K

I believe almost anyone can win $5k playing live poker if they work hard enough and on the right things. And I’m not talking about luckboxing a tournament for a … Continue Reading →

Secrets of Mental Toughness

If you played poker for any length of time, then you know how important mental toughness is to the game. Commentators and professional poker players often talk about mental toughness, … Continue Reading →

Poker Is A Skill: Stop Losing Part 6: Position

  • By Paul Hoppe
  • June 8, 2014
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Are you happy with your poker results? If your answer is “yes,” that’s awesome. Go you! Check out some of the more advanced articles by my fellow writers in The … Continue Reading →

Overconfidence is a Silent Killer

You’ll often hear it said that confidence is needed for success. But is that really true? As with many things in the mental game, the truth emerges once you better … Continue Reading →