Overconfidence is a Silent Killer

You’ll often hear it said that confidence is needed for success. But is that really true? As with many things in the mental game, the truth emerges once you better … Continue Reading →

WSOP preparation

WSOP Prep: Building Mental Endurance This year’s World Series of Poker will be my sixth as a mental game coach for poker players. Prior to poker I worked with high … Continue Reading →

Using a Prop Bet to Increase Motivation

  • By Jared Tendler
  • April 20, 2014
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Poker players often resort to making prop bets to spark their motivation. Browse any poker forum, and you are likely to see a bunch of threads where players are proposing … Continue Reading →

Demystifying Tilt

When I started working in poker I had a master’s degree in counseling psychology and thousands of hours of experience in my field but I had never heard of tilt. … Continue Reading →