Easy Game 3rd Edition

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Easy Game does not make poker easy, but it makes it easier. Deep poker theory in an approachable text. One aspect of the game in each easy to read section.

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Product Description

This Ebook version of Easy Game by Baluga Whale tells you the why behind the moves tyou make in Poker.  The theory is sound, but it is also very easy to understand with a minimum of math.  It is far more important to know why you are betting, check-raising the turn, thin value betting.  Each section is an independent discussion that can stand alone on its own merits.  Find these inside:

Chapter Ten: Creative Preflop Raise Sizes

Chapter Thirteen: Showdown Theory

Chapter Eighteen: Dead Money vs. Live Money

Chapter Forty-Five: The Theory of Donking

Chapter Fifty: The Mini Stop ‘n Go


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